Who can apply?

Dr. Jorgji Jajçari Academic Excellence Scholarship (JJAES) was established in 2018 by Lazaron Gusho and Lori Çobani to celebrate the legacy of their late grandfather, Dr. Jorgji Jajçari. In the spirit of Dr. Jajçari’s life and career, the scholarship allows a high-school student to place greater focus on academic studies by reducing the financial burden of tuition, books and other related costs.



Basic criteria for applicants:

1. Be attending ninth grade.
2. Have very good communication skills.
3. Have an average of over 9.00 over all years.
4. To have participated in voluntary activities in the service of the community.
5. Have very good knowledge of the English language. Recognition of other foreign languages is
6. Winning students in academic activities such as competitions or Olympics organized in
different levels (on the basis of school, city, district, national and beyond) have priority.


Necessary documentation:

● Personal CV (limited to no more than two pages). For details on the CV format,
Visit www.LyhnidaFund.com.
● Photocopies of class V, VI, VI, VII, VIII. List of grades for simester I, Class IX.
● Development of an argumentative essay in English, with at least 300 words. Choose one of three
The following topics:
Is it better to be born rich or smart?
Is social media good or bad?
The most memorable experience of my life so far.
● Two letters of recommendation from teachers or mentors who know students closely. Letters must
email, direct from teacher/mentor, to address
bursajorgjijajcari@gmail.com. For details on the format of the letters of recommendation and the information they should contain, visit www.LyhnidaFund.com.
● Photocopies of diplomas or certificates from various extracurricular activities or voluntary activities where the student has participated.


Basic criteria for granting the scholarship:

1. Academic performance

2. Brief online interview with applicants

3. Participation in extracurricular activities

4. Motivationletter / Argumentative Essay


Where you can apply:

Full applications must be sent to the email address bursajorgjijajcari@gmail.com, within 15 May 2023. All materials should only be sent to a PDF document according to chronological order to "Necessary Documentation". For any further questions or information, write us to the email address. bursajorgjijajcari@gmail.com 


Kriterete vazhdueshmërisë së bursës:
SavedManually edited translation

The winning/winning student must report through a letter, about 300 words,
about his/her performance at school and the activities he/she thinks is reasonable to be
Mentioned. For this part you will be contacted by our staff during the school year.