Dr. Jorgji was born in 1930 in Pogradec, Albania. After graduating high school in Ohrid, Macedonia, he travelled to Sofia, Bulgaria to study General Medicine, where he graduated with honors in 1954. Upon returning to Albania, Dr. Jajçari was appointed to a professorship position at Tirana Medical Polytechnic while concurrently practicing as an epidemiologist. In 1956, he was appointed Director of the Health Department in Fier, Albania. In 1960, he was transferred to the Korça district as Director of the Health Department. In 1971, Dr. Jajçari was appointed as Director of the Health Department in Pogradec, Albania, a position he held until retirement. Over his 35-year career Dr. Jorgji Jajçari held a variety of leadership positions across several Albanian cities while simultaneously practicing and lecturing in his medical specialty. Dr. Jajçari’ s legacy continues to be cherished and honored through his contribution to the radical transformation of health systems and medical practices, as well as building new medical centers in southeast Albania. In 2005, Dr. Jajçari was awarded the honorary medal “Distinguished Personality of the District of Korça in the Medical Field” for his innumerable contributions and distinguished leadership. Dr. Jorgji Jajçari died in May 2007.

Our Founders
Dr. Jorgji Jajçari Academic Excellence Scholarship was founded in 2018 by Lazaron Gusho and Lori Çobani to honor the legacy their late grandfather, Dr. Jorgji Jajçari. Lazaron (Nehemia HS ’08) and Lori (Nehemia HS ’11), were both born and raised in Pogradec. They graduated from Elementary, Secondary, and High School at Nehemia School from 1998 to 2011. Lazaron holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering along with a Master of Science in Construction Management from New York University. He is now living and working in New York City. Lori is continuing his PhD in Bioinorganic Chemistry at Temple University in Philadelphia..

Our Judges

  • Suela Kumbulla – received her Masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences in the USA and is currently serving in a director position for one of the largest Albanian pharmaceutical companies.
  • Ina Zace – received her Master of Science in Information Systems in Economics from University of Tirana. During the last decade Ina has been a vital part of major software development companies in Albania and Kosova where she has been recently leading their programming department. As an excellent student during her academic journey, Ina believes that when the right opportunities are provided to individuals that excel in their studies, they can bring the much needed change to the World. Ina splits her time living and working between Tirana and Prishtina.
  • Dr. Silvi Bozo – In 2012 Silvi Bozo graduated with honors in ‘’Pharmacy and Industrial Pharmacy’’ from the Catholic University ‘’Our Lady of Good Council’’. Later on in 2017 she obtained her PhD in "Public Health, Molecular Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases and Pharmacovigilance".
    After graduation Dr. Bozo began her path in the pharmaceutical industry initially as a Specialist in Regulatory Affairs, and later in Quality Assurance. Since 2015 she is is a full-time lecturer in the Department of Chemical-Pharmaceutical and Biomolecular Technologies in the Faculty of Pharmacy at the Catholic University ‘’Our Lady of Good Council’’, an institution where she simultaneously served as faculty coordinator until 2018.
    Dr. Bozo was the winner of the prestigious prize “Premio di Ricerca in memoria della Prof.ssa Sottocornola” and in 2016 went on to obtain a grant from the European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ESCMID) to conduct short-term research at the University Hospital for Infectious Diseases in Zagreb, Croatia. In 2019-2022 she was an active participant in the International Research Project "Early detection and diagnosis of biological threats in development" within the "Science for Peace and Security" Program, funded by NATO. Recently, together with other colleagues Dr. Bozo is working on the development of the first laboratory in 'Molecular Biology and Virology' at the Catholic University ‘’Our Lady of Good Council’’.
  • Orest Alickolli – was born and raised in the city of Pogradec where he completed his high school studies at the Muharrem Collaku Public High School. After moving to the United States in 2007, he studied engineering and worked as a structural designer for nuclear power plants. More recently, after completing a master's degree in Analytics at the University of Chicago he has transitioned to the field of data science. He is currently a Staff Data Scientist at Mintel, an international market research company. At this company, he is responsible for leading research & development of new products that are based on data and artificial intelligence.
    He lives in Chicago with his wife and two dogs.

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